Top 10 health & hygiene tips

11th March 2020

Here at UK Meds, we’re dedicated to helping people to stay as healthy as possible! And while we’re able to offer treatment to people with chronic conditions and one-off infections, we also want to help you to keep yourself as healthy as possible, amid cold and flu season and the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

Let’s try and keep healthcare simple with our top 10 health and hygiene tips!

1. Wash your hands

Your hands can carry germs from food or touching unwashed surfaces so the number one way to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses is to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly!

2. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow

Seeing as you use your hands for so much, it’s best to avoid getting germs on them where you can. If you can’t cough or sneeze into a tissue (and bin it) then do it into the inside of your elbow, instead of your hands.

3. Wear a face mask

Another way to prevent droplets from coughs or sneezes from being spread to other people is to wear a hygiene face mask. These are hard to get at the moment but we’ve got plenty of different styles in stock at UK Meds, including FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

4. Use hand sanitiser

For times when you’re unable to wash your hands and touching surfaces is unavoidable, try carrying an alcoholic hand rub or hand sanitiser gel. These are great for use on public transport, out at dinner or while at a football game!

5. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes

Because your hands can carry germs, you should avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes with unwashed hands. Most people forget about the eyes being included but they’re still a way for bacteria or viruses to get into the body.

6. Eat a healthy balanced diet

In order to stay healthy, it’s all about keeping your immune system happy. Make sure to eat a varied diet, rich with different fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. Variety is the best way to get all the key nutrients.

7. Keep nails trimmed and clean

It’s easy for germs to breed and thrive in the grime that can build up behind the nails. Keep them neat and trimmed and always make sure to pay attention to behind the nails when washing your hands.

8. Get a good night's sleep

Falling behind on sleep can not only leave you feeling tired and irritable, but it can also weaken your immune system and put you at risk of further health problems. So make sure to get those Z’s in! If you're struggling with sleep then our range of sleeping tablets might be able to help.

9. Take your vitamins

For any vitamins or nutrients that you’re struggling to get through food alone, you can easily boost these levels with a multivitamin. Try one specifically tailored to supporting your immune system.

10. Look after your skin

As well as simply washing your hands, it’s important to take care of the rest of your skin and body too! Regular showers, using moisturiser and keeping any facial hair neat and trimmed are just a few ways to look after your hygiene.