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UK Meds Plus is our new upgraded subscription service. It allows you to reap the benefits of our original service, plus much more. You can now also enjoy discounts on one time orders, save on delivery and have access to priority customer service.
Save 10%

Subscribe & save with UK Meds Plus

Select your medication & delivery frequency

Browse by condition or medication and then choose how often you need them on the product page.

Complete a quick online consultation

A short medical questionnaire which allows our trusted prescribers to review your medication request.

Save money and get your meds delivered to your door

No additional fees, save money and time, and cancel your subscription at any time.

Save money on your meds

Save up to 15% with a subscription, get 10% off one-time orders and an extra 5% off additional subscriptions.

Discounted delivery

Save 10% on delivery with every order.

Priority customer service

Your call or email will be prioritised when you contact us.


  • Select the frequency of delivery that you would like from the product page. You can choose from options including one time delivery, every month, every two months, and every three months. The amount of medication, the strength and how often you can order will depend on the medication.
  • Add the product to your basket and then you will be asked to complete a short online questionnaire, just as you would if you were ordering non-subscription prescription medications.
Any UK Meds Plus discounts will be applied at the final stage of the checkout process where you will also see a combined total of savings. 
When you subscribe, visit your account and you will be able to view the dedicated phone number and email address. 
Yes. You can manage your subscriptions in your account. One delivery from your subscription can be cancelled, so long as payment has not been processed.
Subscription deliveries can be tracked as normal, using the delivery tracking link that will be emailed to you once the order has been processed.
  • You can cancel your subscription in your account
To restart a subscription that you have cancelled, you will need to place a new order by selecting the product and the subscription frequency on the product page and placing the order as normal.
Unfortunately, once you have placed an order for a subscription you will not be able to change your delivery address. Please contact our customer service team. 
Yes. You can save up to 15% when you choose a subscription on your medications.