ID Checks

Information regarding our ID checking process with Yoti

ID checks with Yoti

All patients who wish to request prescription-only medications from our website must first create an account and have it verified with Yoti. Without this verification, you will only be able to order over-the-counter products.

We use Yoti for all our ID checking needs because their technology is extremely advanced. Combing Artificial Intelligence and human experts, Yoti are able to limit any risk of fraud and help us keep our service safe.

Why ID checks are important

In the same way that a GP or A&E doctor needs to know who you are before treating you, our prescribers need the same thing. To ensure that any treatment prescribed is appropriate and going to the intended person, all users of the UK Meds website must first be verified through Yoti before being able to request any prescriptions.

Once this is verified, the prescriber will be able to see your age and gender (to ensure the appropriateness of certain medications), will be able to verify that you only hold one account with us (to avoid over-prescribing) and will be able to verify that your address can only be used on one account.

How the ID checks work

Although the technology is advanced, the ID checks completed through Yoti remain simple and easy to understand for the user.

When you register an account with UK Meds, you should fill in your full name, gender and date of birth. It’s best to use the name on your passport or other ID, as using nicknames or shorthands can create flagging in the verification process and may lead to your order being slowed down or cancelled.


The first ID check that is completed is all done behind-the-scenes and if it passes, you won’t need to do anything else. Once your account is registered, Yoti will run your full name, DOB and address against a number of registers, including the Voting Register, Register of Deaths, Credit Agencies, and Telephone Database. 

If your details are not present on these lists (or if they are present on the death register) then you will be required to provide further ID to attempt to verify your account.

Document check

If you fail at the KYC stage then you will be required to submit an ID document, which is either a driving license or passport. If you don’t own either of these then unfortunately, you will not be able to proceed with your account, as photographic ID is required to complete this process.

Submitting the document is easy; simply take a photo using your smartphone, ensuring that the photo is well-lit, in focus, and including the whole ID (to ensure all the necessary information is captured).

Then you will upload the document to Yoti, where it will either pass or fail. If it passes, you’ll be free to continue with your UK Meds order. If it fails then your order will be cancelled and your funds released back to you.

Factors that can lead to a document failing the check range from light spots on the photo, blurry images, information being cut out or, of course, if the document is not authentic.

If the information on the identity document supplied does not match the information that you have registered your UK Meds account with, this will automatically be replaced with the genuine data that is extracted from your document.

Data protection and security in mind

When handing over private, confidential or personally identifiable information, most people’s first question is how safe it is. We have chosen Yoti as our identity verification partner because they treat your data and privacy with as much importance as we do.

All information and documents submitted are fully protected and neither we, nor Yoti, will ever share, leak or sell your data to any third parties. Our identity-checking process provides both you, and us, with complete peace of mind.