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Healgen's Rapid Lateral Flow Tests have been designed to aid in early diagnosis of Covid-19. They are essential in lowering the spread of the virus and helping you understand if you need a PCR test following a positive result. Easy to use and rapid results in just 15 minutes, every household needs a stash of lateral flow tests in 2022.

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    A very large amount of people (believed to be 1 in 3) who find themselves testing positive for COVID-19 have absolutely no symptoms. Because of this, access to rapid lateral flow tests is absolutely vital in gaining an early diagnosis and stopping the spread of the virus. 

    A Lateral Flow Test (LFT), also known as a "rapid test", is a device which will let you quickly determine whether you have a particular type of infection. There are many types of LFTs, and there is one designed to test for a Covid-19 infection.

    The Lateral Flow Test for Covid-19 tests to determine if you have Covid-19 by detecting whether your mucus contains the virus, by passing it through antibodies that are sensitive to SARS-CoV-2 antigens.

    The Healgen COVID-19 rapid testing kit found for sale on this page is a high sensitivity lateral flow antigen test that has been approved by the UK Government.

    Lateral flow home testing kits are extremely easy to use and produce results in just 15 minutes at home, unlike PCR tests that can take days to reach you after being processed in a lab.

    How fast is the delivery of our Lateral Flow Tests? You can see the exact date delivery is expected beneath the order button above. You can know the exact estimated time of delivery as you place your Covid-19 testing kit order. Shipping is typically within 48 hours, or it may be overnight depending on the time of day you place your purchase. How much are lateral flow test kits? We currently have them available for £4.78, or as little as £4.18 if you order 20 at a time.

    Order Covid-19 lateral flow tests today from UK Meds and get overnight shipping. You will see during the checkout process the expected time of delivery of your lateral flow test.

    Lateral tests take a sample from the nose or mouth using a swab, which is then mixed with a buffer solution, with drops being added to a lateral flow device. Then the virus fragments pass along the strip within the lateral flow device where they can bind to labelled antibodies, which then shows up as a test line if the virus is detected, unlabelled antibodies provide a control line to show the test has worked. Healgen’s test screens for the SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, during first 1-3 weeks of infection.

    A fit to fly certificate, also called a fit to fly letter, is a certificate or letter from a doctor stating that you are fit to fly. Some airlines may require you to get a fit to fly certificate. We have an at-home antigen test that allows you to be tested for Covid-19 in the convenience of your home. After getting a negative result, you can take a digital photo of your test and send it to an email provided. A doctor will issue a certificate letter stating you are fit to fly, within 60 minutes of your email.

    A fit to fly home test is the same lateral flow test you can obtain from this page, that is reviewed by a doctor with an issued certificate. These tests cost more than the lateral flow test available on this page (less than £20). You can order a lateral flow test with fit to fly certificate from this page.

    If you need a Covid-19 test for flight, verify from your airline whether you need a fit to fly test kit for travel, or if a simple lateral flow test (available on this page for £4.78) is sufficient.

    Currently, you only need to take a Covid-19 test for flying if you are not fully vaccinated.

    Are Covid-19 Tests Private?

    Whether a lateral flow Covid-19 test will remain private depends on your use. If you simply wish to know whether you have Covid, you can dispose of the kit immediately after and the results will remain completely private. On the other hand, if you want to use the test results for your work or travel purposes, the people you share your results with will know if you test positive for Covid-19. Otherwise, the test remains completely private.

    You can buy Lateral Flow Test from UK Meds. We have the Healgen LFT test on this page. We have lateral flow tests for sale here at UK Meds.

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    Please ensure that you are up to date with the government information regarding travel. From 4am on 9 January, if you qualify as fully vaccinated, you can take either a rapid lateral flow or PCR test within 2 days of arriving in England. In order to report your lateral flow test, you must type in the code on your lateral flow test device. These tests do not have a code, therefore cannot be used as your Day 2 lateral flow result. Order your rapid antigen test for travel from UK Meds today.

    There are many names for lateral flow tests, which include rapid tests, Covid-19 tests and antigen tests. Antigen tests will determine whether you have Covid-19 antigens in your system. An antigen test for travel may include a Fit to Fly certificate requirement, depending on the airline you are flying with. Ask prior to flight what type of requirements they have to prove you test negative for Covid-19.

    Taking a lateral flow test from chemist is extremely easy. Before taking the test, ensure you have completed the following steps:

    1. Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitiser
    2. Lay out all the items in the test kit on a clean surface
    3. Ensure your test tube contains buffer solution
    4. Place the tube in the tube holder
    5. Blow your nose
    6. Wash your hands again

    Now that your test is set up and ready to be taken, simply follow these steps:

    1. Use the nasal swab to wipe the inside your nose as set out in the test kit instructions
    2. Place the swab into the liquid inside the test tube, cotton swab first as to test your sample
    3. Ensure the swab is thoroughly coated in liquid by lightly squeezing the bottom of the tube and stirring the swab within the tube
    4. Dispose of the swab
    5. Using the nozzel (there is one for every test), place 2 drops of your sample onto the test in the circular part of the lateral flow device
    6. Wait for 15 minutes - do not wait longer as this can affect the result
    7. Read your result

    Order your at-home antigen home test kit from UK Meds today.

    To ensure you and your loved ones are topped up, you can buy COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests directly from UK Meds. By just clicking the orange Quick Checkout button and choosing the amount of tests you wish to purchase, you can have your tests the very next day. 

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