Things to buy during the coronavirus outbreak

31st March 2020

Everyone likes to be prepared and in these uncertain times, it’s more helpful than ever. But instead of dashing off to the supermarket to stock up on toilet rolls and dried pasta, we’ve compiled a list of things you may find helpful.

Face masks

Although face masks are not guaranteed to protect you against coronavirus, they offer considerably more protection from it than not wearing one. These work by filtering the air of liquid and solid aerosols and offer protection of the respiratory system.

FFP2 respirator masks meet the guidance from the WHO, while FFP3 masks are the kind recommended by the NHS. You can buy respirator face masks from UK Meds.

Hand sanitiser

The number one thing recommended by the government and health professionals for preventing the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. However, this isn’t always possible if you’re out and about so it’s good to have another option.

Hand sanitiser is highly effective at eliminating germs from the hands. If this is an alcohol-based one then it will need to be at least 60% alcohol. On the other hand, you could opt for an alcohol-free one like the SurSol hand sanitiser. Equally as effective, this is far less drying on the hands and is available from UK Meds.


Because COVID-19 is caused by a virus, it relies on your own immune system to fight it off so it’s important to keep yours strong. As well as eating a healthy balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly, you can also give your immune system a boost by taking a multivitamin.

Read up on more ways to look after your immune system in our previous blog post.

Disposable gloves

The reason that hand washing is so important during this current outbreak is because the hands are possibly the most utilised body part. We use them to touch surfaces, we use them to prepare food and we use them to cover coughs or sneezes.

As well as coughing or sneezing into your inner elbow (instead of your hands), there are other ways you can protect your hands from germs. Wearing a pair of disposable gloves when touching possibly contaminated surfaces will protect your hands and allow you to dispose of the gloves (and any potential germs) after use.


Now more than ever, it’s important to follow strict health and hygiene measures to keep yourself and your family safe. This includes regularly cleansing any surfaces that get touched (such as kitchen countertops).

The SurSol disinfectant surface cleaner eliminates 99.9% of germs and you can get yours here.